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Mystic HD Tanning









Elite Physique is the only salon in San Angelo to offer Mystic Tan HD.  Mystic Tan, the most scientifically advanced UV-free tanning solution on the market, provides an option for persons who cannot tan by any other method, as well as an additional alternative for an estimated 30 million U.S. "indoor tanners."

Applied as a spray mist in a booth, Mystic Tan is the only UV-free tanning product in the world utilizing MagneTanTM technology. The MagneTan process polarizes the bronzing pigment and uses the human body’s magnetic properties to attract the mist to the skin evenly and instantly. The tanner simply disrobes in a private room, enters the booth and presses the start button. After 60 seconds, they step out and leave complete with an instant tan.

Additionally, Mystic Tan has a moisturizing quality, because the self-tanning solution with bronzers is made with an Aloe Vera base.

The Mystic TanTM UV-Free tanning booth uses a touch-free, spray-on tanning technique that creates an even, natural-looking tan in less than 60 seconds and lasts four to five days. Mystic Tan’s proven spray-on technique dispenses a fine mist of its proprietary sunless tanning solution, made up of moisturizing Aloe Vera, bronzers and sunless tanner. The booth’s patented MagneTan technology then uses the human body’s natural magnetic properties to evenly attract the solution to the body. 

Learn more at Mystictan.com or Versaspa.com



VersaPro Sunless Tanning







The Future of Sunless Tanning

  • Next generation spray technology delivers consistent spray application to ensure a flawless tan every time.
  • Heated Sunless System pampers users with comforatable, spa-like experience.
  • Height Sensor Technology ensures pinpoint accuracy and full coverage for all body types.
  • Built-in intelligence literally talks customers through the sunless tanning experience with voice guided instructions.
  • Endless customization options, with 4 solutions and color levels that range from a hint of color to a deep rich dark bronze, meeting all skin types and desired results.
  • Smart Options allow for spraying just the face, just the legs, or extra full body or leg sprays for double dark color.




Mystic Tan/VersaPro Sunless Packages

1 Sunless Sprays- $25

3 Sunless Sprays - $60

5 Sunless Sprays- $85

10 Sunless Sprays- $155



Airbrush Tanning

Book an appointment with one of Elite Physique's professional air brush technicians for a personalized sunless tan experience.  The technician will customize the spray to each clients individual needs resulting in flawless color and perfect coverage. Airbrush tanning is Ideal for wedding parties, prom, and vacations.  Call to reserve your appoinment today, 325-224-8267.

Airbrush prices start at $40.