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Toning Services

Firm - that's what you'll be after a few weeks of workouts on the Professional toning System by SunTana.  The System uses seven new fitness machines and a remarkable exercise principle that's been proven effective by over 1,000 salon owners across America.  Workouts take less than an hour.  And they'll leave you refreshed, instead of needing to freshen up.

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 Circulating Table:
Massages the body with a gently vibrating action.  Increases blood circulations, reduces water retention and relaxes tense muscles.  Arm bar firms triceps, chest, back and shoulders.
 Side-Side Table:
Stretches the lower torso from side to side toning muscles in the abdomen, strengthening the lower back, all over muscle tone is improved and waist line is reduced.
 Stomach-Hip Table:
Strengthens and tones the abdomen and hips.  It actually works to firm and lift the buttocks area and the abdomen is benefitted by the pelvic tilt.
 Sit-Up Table:
Works to tone the abdominal muscles, reducing inches in the waist and hips, and increasing overall flexibility.
 Stretching Table: 
Stretches the body, strengthens and tightens muscles in abdominal and midriff areas.  Arms and lower back are strengthened.  Bust line and rib cage are lifted creating a more beautiful configuration of the body.  Shoulder flexibility is greatly enhanced.
 Leg Table:
Slenderizes and tones the leg, concentrates on reducing the inner and outer thighs, hips and buttocks through muscle strengthening and endurance.
 Twister Table:
Alternately raises and lowers legs.  The simultaneous action works to firm, tone and reduce the waist, abdomen and hips, and strengthens the muscles in the lower back.

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